Two deadly automobile accidents occurred in The Gambia for the past 24 hours, resulting to some causalities, Freedom Radio Gambia can report. The remaining injured passengers were rushed to the Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further medical attention.
Over speeding and reckless driving were blamed for the two accidents. Police have visited both accident sites to assess the nature of the crash. No arrest or charges have been made against the culprits responsible for the accidents.

A source who reached us said one of the vehicles involved in the crash was being driven by one of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s orderlies. In that accident two people were confirmed dead. The crash occurred at approximately 4:20 PM Gambian time on Monday.

In the other accident some top army officers were among the causalities. The crash occurred at 2:00 PM Gambian time today. The other victims have been rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Written By A Correspondent

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