In order for one to comprehend how Yahya Jammeh steals from Gambian taxpayers, one has to know who is who in his internationally discredited government. Jammeh is a seasoned thief, and he is good at what he does for a living. One has to be a good analyst to decode Jammeh’s corruption web. He is being aided by a very strong force to loot our coffers. Now we are all at the receiving end of Jammeh’s flagrant dishonesty. Twenty years of Jammeh’s misplaced regime has ushered nothing besides economic stagnation,basiru_njai-s underdevelopment, endemic poverty for the citizenry, poor educational standards, and short life expectancy for Gambians.

Jammeh’s Petroleum Minister Sirra Wally Ndow is married to one of Jammeh’s Central Bank Governor’s Basiru Njie, a longtime staffer of the Bank. Sirra Wally happens to be Jammeh’s chick. The duo were school mates back at The Gambia High School. Now, when Jammeh took over from Jawara illegally, he extended favors to her by offering her managerial positions at NAWEC. She later rose to the position of Energy Minister; a position she held for sometime before being fired. She is now the Petroleum Minister, while her husband is the Deputy Governor number one at the Central Bank of The Gambia.

Sirra wally ndowHaving Sirra Wally at Petroleum, and Basiru Njie at the CBG; interesting right? That’s Jammeh. He mastered the game of pimping and stealing. Gambians haven’t seen anything yet. The economic turmoil is just the beginning. Jammeh will end up looting everything the country has before his imminent fall. The likes of Sirra Wally and her husband are on standby to help Jammeh accomplish his set agenda for the country–that’s to render this country, the poorest nation on earth.

Talking about Deputy Governor Basiru Njie, we gathered that he impregnated a Banjul girl name withheld for now back in the days. Basiru refused to accept that he is the father of his baby mama’s child. He was not even married to Sirra Wally Ndow then. The pair were merely engaged. This was around 1988. Sirra Wally ensured that Bass never accepted being the father of his baby mama’s child.

Bass’s child is now 25 years of age. He neglected the child. Sirra said she doesn’t want Bass’s child to call or visit him at home after work, or weekends. This is very sad. “These people are weird,” our source said.

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