My Brother, I am a keen listener of Freedom Radio but as you aware it’s not easy to participate in some of your interesting programmes from Banjul. My 50 butut on this unification endeavor is that it’s a slippery objective that could result in distraction and waste of human and financial resources. My suggestion for further discussion is to consider that we already have Registered Parties in the country, Gambians abroad should Interest themselves in the activities of these parties seek to know their respective Manifestos and align themselves accordingly ie recognize the leadership of the Party they support, establish an African, US, European, Asian Branch of the Party they support or belong to, find a way of influencing their Manifesto if it does not already fully reflect their concerns as citizens living abroad.

Now as Diaspora Branches of the Registered Parties or Independents they can then advocate for their respective Party Positions via meetings debates, flyers, phone calls at the town, city, County, state, country levels and mobilize funds in the name of the Parties and make the funds available to the individual parties without conditions ie based only on their Manifesto.

My real concern is that I’ve observed from the contribution of some Panelists in your Radio programs that are yet to appreciate the fact that the only way to realize the change they desire is either to register a Party, support or join an existing one that represents their aspirations for our beloved country.

As a diaspora Party affiliate, sympathizer, or member, one can now officially fly the flag of the party, advocate for the Constitutional and Electoral reforms their respective Parties are calling for and function as the legitimate party voice in their community under the leadership of the Banjul based party.

My 50 butut sense tells me this way, Gambians in the diaspora will not only practice the true democracy that has proved to be challenge for us here in The Gambia but also avoid undermining the Party Leaders and thus be in a better position to identify a common ground for Parties to collaborate.

By the way I am not excluding the APRC in this process. In the diaspora, the playing field is bit more level as they have no undue advantage over the other Parties or the ones yet to be formed. For The Gambia our homeland, no one left behind!
Anonymous because I do not want to call attention myself.

God Bless


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