The highly commendable but well overdue UDP civil action of a stand-off type in Niumi came as a rude awakening to both the regime in place and the ordinary Gambian folks alike.
As a matter of fact, the conjunction of events at Fass Njaga Choi in particular and the just concluded UDP successful provincial tour in general, willingly supported by other political non-partisan forces, have undeniably, as a force majeure, presented a rare window of opportunity to help end the Gambian suffering which has lasted for far too long.

Indeed, by concerted and collective national endeavour, the unprecedented momentum must and should be seized accordingly.
In the current circumstances, a unified national opposition front must be unreservedly encouraged and fully supported by all and sundry.
But such a common front must present a well-articulated and elaborate political platform, based on a “nationalistic” agenda as opposed to partisan politics, with an identified common leadership in the form of a single “alliance or coalition” candidature that is responsive to the pressing requirements of the time and is predicated upon the legitimate aspirations of the masses of the Gambian people.

Besides, such an “alliance, coalition or common front” should be capable of forging ahead to ultimate electoral victory with the requisite electoral reforms in place under a conducive environment and a level playing field.

Failing which, the common national unified front should nonetheless be able to galvanize and spearhead a popular uprising by all the democratic and progressive forces determined to uproot the current dictatorship and reinstate constitutionality and the rule of law in the Gambia.
Our watchword should remain “carpe diem” for the long-awaited irreversible change.

By Moses. T. Jones

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