Shames on those of you who live in free societies and behave as if you were slaves living in the Gambia.You are not doing justice to yourselves.
What you should bear in mind is that those of us on the ground spend a lot of money to buy Internet credit to listen to you the Gambian diaspora out there who say they are committedto change the Gambia from dictatorship into democracy. The present diatribe and bullying going on amongst you is disgusting, disingenuous and down right negative and more over is a positive recipe for Jammeh and the APRC.

We on the ground and some of you in the diaspora made Yaya Jammeh the monster he is. We have many Yaya Jammeh’s amongst ourselves. Our small number as a population has proved to be a curse for us just as oil discovery is a curse to African countries. The “masla” syndrome, sugar coated it with hate monger underneath is killing all of us both at home and in the diaspora. Sincerity and honesty become alien values in our characters. Look at those of us resident on the ground, none us dare criticize Jammeh openly whiles all us curse his mum in private. When he insults the Mandinkas some Wolofs are happy. When he jails a Wolof some Mandinkas are happy. When he insults Gambian men some women are happy. When he insults theMuslim leaders the opposition are happy. When he insults the opposition parties the APRC is happy. When he insults the diaspora strugglers some Jolas and the ARPRC are happy. This is the Yaya Jammeh we have created for ourselves in the Gambia.

At home Yaya Jammeh holds the Guinness book of records of nicknames in the Gambia. He made us the biggest cowards on earth or rather we made him to reduce us to slavery. This is exactly the bad behaviors you imported amongst yourselves in the diaspora and you call yourselves freedom fighters, what kind of freedom are you fighting for? Some of you are scared to tell the TRUTH amongst yourselves? Some of you cover each other’s hypocrisy because of fear or complex. Some of you hide personal agendas from comrades. What we on the ground cannot get is how you the strugglers in the diaspora have become the biggest enabler of dictatorship by relegating the noble freedom missionyou preach daily to personality cults, regional gangs and tribal affiliations because all of you want to be the next president ofthe Gambia. Gambia can get only one president at a time. You reduce the diaspora struggle into a senseless who is who competition. You relegated selfless national commitment to a second place and engage in a fight that you are far from winning in the first place. You are not helping the liberation struggle at home. You are rather giving a new opportunityto Jammeh to tell us yet again look at your so- called would be liberators of the Gambia in the diaspora, do you trust these power hungry people? You are making our work on the ground tougher to execute. If you think we on the ground would waste our scares resources to buy credit to listen to your scrap online you are making a mistake?We will not, Hell no!What you in the diaspora have never factored in your brains is that right here on the ground we are thousands of liberation strugglers and freedom fighters doing a fantastic ground work in exposing Jammeh,disseminating your online news and educating people at home to go against Jammeh. If you think that it is only the opposition political parties fighting Jammeh on the ground you are making a very big mistake.

We are more than a hundred thousand freedom fighters facing the NIA, the Police and the kangaroocourts with Miles 2 prisons right under our nose. Our lives are constantly put in DANGER simply because we chose to take the bull by the horn where it can hurt most. If it comes to taking risk for the fight against dictatorship, we on the ground are your champions and allies. It is more than high time that you factor us in your thinking process. Until you get your acts together, refocus and re-orientated your energieson the true and noble fight against dictatorship with selflessness,we will not spend a butut listening to your scrap. You are better off stopping the selfishness and work for the common good of all of us. We know you have capable leaders out there and many sincere and honest freedom fighters but it seems personal agendas take precedence over quality and honesty. All of you cannot leaders at the same time. Some will lead and others will follow, this is a law of nature. However leadership in a free and democratic society is earned thru honesty, hard work and sincerity? It is more than high time that you accept to lead and be lead. We on the ground have no leadership choice because our imposing leader holds a gun on our heads to compel us to follow him by force. This is what we are all fighting against and we need ALL hands on deck to boot this brutal and criminal leader sitting at State House and shitting on our heads on a daily basis.
Jammeh does not live in the diaspora he lives in the Gambia.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone.
Thank you.

Baboucar Bojang.

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