Gambia’s popular and leading singer Jalex has not formally come forward to rebuff allegations made by his former wife Tuti, who recently claimed on Freedom Radio Gambia that the singer allegedly cheated on her, lied to her and above all broken her Binta Bojang heart through what she calls inconsistent lifestyle and betrayal schemes. Well on Friday, during our widely listened to OpenLine Friday show, Jalex instructed his spokesman one Lamin Colley, of the UK to relate his rebuttal story on Tuti’s allegations. Mr. Colley began by telling our listeners that due to persistent request made by Jalex’s fans around the world, they have deemed it crucially imperative to set the records straight. He noted that Jalex valued his fans and he has decided to clear the air by asking him to speak on his behalf.

Mr. Colley said both Jalex and Tuti are familiar to him. He also said he visits Tutu on a regular basis at her home in the UK. Colley said he has no cause to lie against Tuti adding that he was out to correct some of the misleading and unfounded allegations Tuti and her supporters peddled against Jalex.

To begin with, Colley told Freedom Radio that he has on numerous occasions tried to mediate between Tuti and her former husband Jalex. He alleged that Tuti has disrespected Jalex in the past to the point of cursing his mom in the presence of his peers and loved ones. He said the couple had broken up marital relationship on two occasions during their two years marriage. He alleged Tuti wouldn’t heed to Jalex’s peace brokering efforts, even though the artist had made moves to have her back in his life. He said that during one of their marital disputes, Tuti even took some of the clothing she claimed to have bought for Jalex. This he went on, has nearly rendered Jalex without clothes to wear.

According to Colley, Jalex onetime took out 1000 Euros in his presence and planned to buy birthday gift for his child, but was not comfortable calling Tuti for fear of being cursed out. He said the relationship between Tuti and Jalex was not drama free.

” Tuti has cursed out Jalex and his parents in my presence on numerous occasions. Their marriage was characterized by drama upon drama. I tried my best as Jalex’s friend and promoter to bring peace in their marriage, but things never worked out well as anticipated. For your information and your listeners, the marriage between Tuti and Jalex is over. Jalex officially divorced her this past Monday, hours after she came to the radio to rant against him,” Mr. Colley said.
Mr. Colley has vehemently dismissed all the allegations Tuti made against Jalex on Freeedom Radio. He said it was a naked lie for Tuti to suggest that Jalex married her for papers. He said Jalex had five years British visa on his Gambian passport and is free to travel to the UK anytime he wants. He also said Jalex never stayed for five months during his past trip to the UK.

” He was here for three months. If Jalex was in desperate need of papers to stay in the UK, he could have married a wealthy British woman, who proposed to him to marry her. But Jalex told the lady that he was married to Tuti. This goes to show that Jalex is sincere to Tuti. But now she is coming to Freedom Radio to disparage his character. Freedom Radio is listen to worldwide. Anything reported on Freedom radio, goes viral in The Gambia. We are here to debunk their lies,” Colley said.

Mr. Colley, who took his time to respond to callers sympathetic to Tuti, also rebuffed Tuti’s claims that she bought a Range Rover for Jalex. He said the Range Rover was in Tuti’s name and not Jalex.

Mr. Colley also alleged that the couple started having problems, when he saw Tuti with Pa Bojang at a restaurant opposite the US Embassy. Pa Bojang is dictator Jammeh’s cousin. He alleged that he protested to Pa Bojang by jokingly telling him ” What is this ugly dude doing with this girl.”

Colley said he was allegedly threatened by Mr. Bojang after making such remarks against the one time Jammeh loyalist. He even discussed the threat with his friend Journalist Fabakary Ceesay, he said.

Mr. Colley alleged that he later found out that Jammeh’s cousin has rented a property for Jalex’s wife. He also bought her an Ipad. A claim strongly dismissed by Tuti’s relatives, supporters and fans. The callers said Colley was lying by making such allegations against Tuti.

” Tuti was not going out with the President’s cousin. That’s a lie. Lamin Colley is making it up. That’s not true,” said the caller from the UK.

Mr. Lamin Colley maintains that he was speaking the truth. He even challenged Mr. Bojang to come forward to dispute his claims. He added that even Jalex confronted Tuti over the issue, but Tuti allegedly snapped on him.

Regarding the child custody battle earlier denied by Tuti, Mr. Colley told Freedom radio that Jalex has made repeated attempts to meet with his kids during his past trips to the UK, but Tuti wouldn’t allow him to see his kids. Mr. Colley said he would loved to have seen the couple to live in peace and harmony, but this never happen during their two years troubled marriage.

Mr. Colley alleged that Tuti is a jealous woman. He alleged that she has disrespected Jalex in the past for merely suspecting that the singer was cheating on her. He said Jalex is not a cheater as falsely claimed by Tuti.

Regarding Jalex’s new wife Binta Bojang, who lives in Oslo, Mr. Colley said Jalex reserves the right under Gambian tradition to marry a second wife. He said there is nothing wrong for Jalex to marry a second wife. He said Tuti wasn’t happy about Jalex’s move to marry Binta Bojang. Tuti has denied that in our previous interview.

Pa Bojang could not be reached for comment.

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