I have been reading and listening with great interest and sadness to the editorials and discussions regarding the problems in The Gambia.
For over 25 years my husband and I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality provided by all the Gambian people we came into contact with on our frequent holidays to the “smiling Coast.”

May I take this opportunity to express concern for ALL Gambian citizens, amongst them many hardworking people employed in the tourist industry. Yaya Jammeh started off so well, it appeared to me the country was progressing and allowing Gambians to achieve their personal aspirations and help their country to progress.

I paid for the education of one girl, giving her the best education available, but, she has moved abroad because no opportunities were in The Gambia. A great loss to The Gambia of a very well educated young lady.

You will obviously be aware of the many young people who are making hazardous journeys at risk to their lives just to get to Europe. What an awful waste of talent, because our young people are our future. This is true of any country.

Can I send my best wishes to ALL of you at Freedom Radio and hope the future brings back the smiles.

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