The Gambian people and Senegal people are one of the same tribe, same food, same language same culture same physical features, the people of these two nations have a relationship which is in direct solidarity for each other’s predicament. However, theSenegalese President Macky Sall (L) flan Senegalo- Gambian governmental apparatus coexist in an inverse relationship. The gains of Senegalese government is the loses of the Gambian government and vice versa. Continuation of the prevailing status quo on the ground of the Gambia will always favor Senegal at the loses of Gambians and Gambian as a whole, the obvious conclusion here is Gambia under Babili Mansa will continue to have a negative bilateral relationship with Senegal.

This bilateral negative deficit must not be allowed to widen nor should it be ignored by all Gambian domestically and abroad, the very least that Gambians all over the world must do at this time is to call for a halt to all and any effort aimed at facilitating the construction of the Transgambia bridge .The argument here is, Babili Mansa is an irresponsible leader, with an illegal mandate, he is in no position to make such a generational life style alteration as well as irreversible alterations to the economies of both countries.

We Gambians must seek to balance out the Senegalo- Gambian equation to a more neutral and proportionate formula that says— NO TRANSGAMBIA BRIDGE UNDER THE IRRESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP OF BABILI MANSA.

Such a move will empower we the Gambian citizens as well as delay and prolong the ever present pain of increase economic cost to the government and economy of Senegal, in the form of additional CFAs towards domestic transportation.


By A Reader

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