Dear Editor,

I was recently listening to your open line Saturday program, in which the past marital affair of Fatoumatta Cooker and Galleh Jallow was discussed on air. Ms. Cooker was on air denouncing a young man, who allegedly phoned her former husband Galleh to insult him. Galleh’s family too phoned in to denounce the actions of the young man. I listened to Kani Suso’s interview on Freedom. Mama Sarr too was on air to state her own side of the story.

I keenly followed the show. Many were stunned by the accusations and counter accusations, which ensued on the airwaves. I was not surprised—knowing what I knew about the two-former couple.

I decided to weigh in because it seems that some of people talking are meddling into a matter that they do not know its roots and genesis. I want to be as fair as possible to both Ms. Cooker and Galleh. Let no one misconstrue my piece as a personal attack. I am not interested in personal attacks.

I know both Galleh and Fatoumatta. I am close to the duo. I stand to be corrected if I err in my account of events. I am not claiming perfection. As human, we are all bound to err, but I have responsibility to communicate what I believe to be the truth to your readers and listeners.

Both Fatoumatta Cooker and Galleh Jallow had morality issues. As it is often said: Karma is a bitch. The evil that men do; do live after them.

The story goes like this: Fatoumatta Cooker was in love with Hatib Janneh. The relationship resulted to Fatoumatta mothering kids for Hatib.

Interestingly, Galleh’s mother raised Hatib Janneh. Hatib grew up at Galleh’s family home in Bakau. Hatib and Galleh are brothers from a different mum.

In fact, part of their family home was renovated by Hatib. Hatib looks up to Galleh’s mum as his mum. Galleh’s mum loved him to death.

Hatib and Fatoumatta later broke up. Fatoumatt moved to the United Kingdom, where she met Galleh. She was introduced to Galleh, by her own biological sister Amie Cooker, who was at the time dating Galleh Jallow. Galleh and Amie visited Fatoumatta in the UK during the period in question. Galleh and Amie were on the verge of marrying when he met Fatoumatta Cooker through her sister. Fatoumatta’s sister lives in Denmark.

Gambians in Sweden can bear me witness that Galleh used to shuttle between Sweden and Denmark a lot while he was dating Fatoumatta’s younger sister. I do not know what went down to warrant Fatoumatta to snatch Galleh from her sister. But this has caused a strained relationship between Fatoumatta and her sister in Denmark over the years. The two were not in speaking terms for some time.

Galleh’s mum wasn’t happy when Galleh informed her that he wanted to marry Fatoumatta Cooker. She was privy to Hatib’s relationship with Ms. Cooker. Galleh defied his parents advise and married Ms. Cooker despite all odds.

Now, here is Galleh being cursed out on the phone by anonymous callers, who claimed that they are out to defend Fatoumatta Cooker. Galleh’s parents doesn’t deserve such insults. She is currently visiting Galleh’s brother in the States. Gambia, you be the judge here. I rest my case.

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