I still refuse to believe that the waggish defence of Alkali Conteh by earlier a janus – face Max and lately Max Jarju is not cowardly hiding behind a fake name. On the first and this occasion I’m am responding to this recreant hiding behind fake names, I have a first thought of ignoring him but a second would always prompt me not to let his mendacious defensive arguments pass unchallenged and exposed as perfidious.

The asinine and cockamamie character came back following a previous response to him in yet another thoughtless defence of Alkali Conteh that among other batty arguments that after a so-called analysis of my article he found it based on fabrication and deception, that it was baseless, unfounded and came from an ‘unintelligent and demented mindset’.

I ‘m taking the opportunity of this second chance of response he accords me with, to further trouble his mind by the additions of more facts of my cousin’s alleged death in Conteh’s hands from a family member who was equally privy to the case and angered by the recreant Max Jarju’s absurd defensive arguments that Conteh did not only wickedly thrashed the thin and frail young person, but also kicked him on his abdomen which added to the merciless thrashings  probably  caused or worsened the pain the victim complained of up to his last breath. That the case was then investigated by the police and that the family initiated court action against Alkali and started engaging the services of the late Lawyer Abdoulie Drammeh which was interrupted and arrested by a political interference in favour of Alkali. If the Gambia police has an efficient record keeping system, the record of investigation of at least police station diary level would still be available as the police was aware and involved to an extent.

There was no autopsy report, but the timing of the death following the incident of the torture was enough for one to undoubtedly believe the beating and kick or kicks was the cause of death. Max’s arguments are like the former Gambia intelligence office that tortured the late Solo Sandeng to death arguing for a post-mortem report when brother Sandeng died in their hands and was buried in a rush. The only little difference between Sheikh Tijan’s case to that of brother Solo is the later was beaten on a day and died on the next and buried by his own family to whom he returned following the incident of torture, where brother Solo was cruelly tortured to death by the infamous NIA agents in whose custody he was at the time and buried in a rush. There was no autopsy or police report of the cause of brother Solo’s death at the time, yet every Gambian concluded he died as a result of the ill treatment he received in custody.

In a Facebook  friends’ discussion group about my article and the unfortunate and sad incident of my cousin’s death following its broadcast over and publication  on the Freedom online Radio and Newspaper, Bamba Mass, a politically appointed protocol officer to our United Kingdom  foreign service Office  on the United Democratic Party connections whom I strongly  want to believe is the one behind this seemingly  fictitious Max Jarju name was in denial of the article and incident with silly arguments quite similar to those expressed in the articles I am responding to. Bamba Mass was at the Facebook friends’ discussion group responded to, to his arguments by a credible Gambian in the group at the time in two statements I will directly quote here as follows: ‘Bamba, the story is true. Mr Conteh himself confirmed the incident to me when I asked him why he could not apply for a teaching job with Wake County public schools in Raleigh, NC. This is my proof. Can we move on?’ The guy probably means he advised Alkali at the time he went to America with his past teaching experience in Gambia to look for a teaching job with schools in America. The gentle continued with another statement upon Bamba’s continued senseless arguments with: ‘Mr Mass, I do not have to do this as I have known Aklali for 40 years. I am somehow related to Alkali and I won’t support an unfounded story against him. This incident was true and its unfortunate. Can we move on?’

Anyone doubting Thomas of the incident of my cousin’s alleged blood on Aklali Conteh’s hands should think about how Yahya Jammeh has been defended over the years by people whose interest has been to protect their jobs.

Ebou Sohna

Burton on Trent


East Midlands

United Kingdom.

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. For the record: Max Jarju is not Bamba Mass.

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