Speaking at the his party’s congress Mai Fatty the sacked Interior Minister acknowledged the presence of Seedy Njie of the APRC at the congress. Fatty said it is refreshing to have the opposition to attend the congress of the ruling government. He thanked Seedy Njie for gracing the occasion. He also asked Njie to extend his kindest greetings to Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the interim leader of the APRC.

Mr. Fatty noted that the presence of the APRC at the GMC congress clearly confirmed that Gambia’s democracy is flourishing. He said in the past such cordiality never existed between the previous government and the opposition.

Mai Fatty said the GMC is part and parcel of the Coalition government. Hence, he wasted no time in declaring that the GMC Congress was a ruling government congress. He cherished the new culture of political unity in the country.

Mai Spoke at length at the congress. He hailed the coalition government’s commitment to fulfilling its set developmental agenda for the Gambia and her people. He said the country is on course as far as good governance and economic stability is concerned.

Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, Tourism Minister Hamat Bah, Agriculture Minister OJ Jallow, and Lamin Cham, a UDP supporter and aide to president Barrow represented president Barrow at the congress.

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