It is high time we address Muhammed Jah’s greedy alleged interference within the business sector and the Secretary General President’s office.
Pa, Muhamed Jah buys the loyalists of all previous and present Secretary Generals of the president’s office to …. on Jammeh and preempt certain decisions affecting his business interests and those who are under his protection. Muhamed Jah is the financier and main investor of Dr. Kah’s private University in the Gambia. Dr. Kah was in the habit of directing wealthy family students to his private university while playing with the lives of the poor student at the UTG.

Muhamed Jah controls recommendations made by the SG to the president. He also controls and pays for loyalists at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology about anything affecting the GSM and Internet industry to his favor.

Muhamed Jah is gradually replacing Samba in government matters.
He however maintains many chairmanships in Jammeh’s companies.

Muhamed Jah is now the new business boy in the hood and has become a public enemy because of his greediness and cunning attitude.
Chei! JK and his gangsters…Gambia “du den”

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up does not represent the position of Freedom Radio Gambia. Thanks for your attention.

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