Kanilai, is fast becoming a sex paradise, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The deranged Kaniali jester is using Kanilai, as a “hideout” to sleep with his female Ministers. If Sierra Walley Ndow is married, her husband got good reasons to be jealous. She frequents Kanilai a lot. Her frequent Kanilai trips are not just out of the ordinary. Something stinks!

Jammeh loves this lady, dating back their High School days at Gambia High. At the time, Sierra Walley looks low upon Jammeh. Jammeh was too local for her liking. Now, she is all over Jammeh’s stinky ass.

Jammeh’s closest orderlies both in Kanilai and Banjul said the dictator is a sexual pervert. He is in the business of sleeping with his cabinet Ministers.
“This man needs to be medically examined. He indiscriminately have sex with different women without using condom. His sexual appetite have no boundary,” said our source.
According to one lady, who witnessed Jammeh’s sponsored musical jamborees in Banjul, Sierra Walley was among the ladies Jammeh handed with packets of new banknotes to handover to the artists. The packets were in the form of D10,000 dalasi, and D20,000 dalasi new banknotes.

“Jammeh personally asked his bodyguard to call me, when I was sitting in the crowd. When I answered to him, he asked me my name and I told him. He then handed packets of dalasi notes to handover to the artists. Jammeh later donated me D10, 000 dalasi. He never asked for my phone number. But I saw his guards taking phone numbers from other ladies at the gathering,” she said.

“Sierra Wally was at that musical jamboree. I saw her in the crowd,” she added.

By A Staff Writer

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