Facebook is now becoming a beefing ground for Gambian ladies. Gambian ladies nowadays washed their dirty laundries on social media. Some even went to the extent of communicating threats. The situation is very worrying so to speak. Law enforcement needs to look into some of these profiles disturbing the peace on social media. Some elements are using Facebook for bullying which is against Facebook’s Community safe usage policies. We encourage victims of social media bullying to report their persecutors to Facebook.

FACEBOOK 2Something is not right with some section of The Gambia Facebook community. Pornographic pictures are being circulated on Facebook, What’sapp, and Viber by beefing Gambian women. One wonders whether there is moral bankruptcy in Gambia. What’s going on folks?

This lady, whose picture appeared on the news story took to Facebook few days ago, and started beefing with her in-laws. She nearly pass out while she was on her vehicle’s wheel recording a video. She repeatedly complained about being harassed on Facebook by her in-laws. She even deactivated her Facebook account just to stay away from the bullying, but that never helps either.

FACEBOOK 1At one instance, she said, she was advised to report the matter to Facebook, but she refused. She thought that the best way to settle her grievances was to record a nasty video and yap insults at her in-laws.

One thing is evident though, lonely folks are using Facebook to seek company. We wonder what kind of life these folks would live without the presence of Facebook on social media. Their conduct is absurd! Marriages are being teared apart because of such lonely and idle folks. The Gambian Facebook menace needs to be investigated before it would escalate. Some folks are blackmailing each other on social media for real.

We are not sure in the case of The Gambia, but in the west, there are laws prohibiting stalking, bullying and so on. Gambians residing in the west, particularly women folks washing their dirty laundries on social media, should be very mindful of their activities on social media. If anyone is aggrieved, he or she, should resort to the law than using social media to communicate threats.

The other day, a lady residing in Norway, was beefing with another Gambian lady in Sweden. Threats were communicated during their hours long beefing on social media. Social media is too good to be misused. Let us use social media to educate, entertain, and unite communities. We rest our case.

Written By An Editor

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