A Gambian UK resident, who worked three jobs just to support her husband to join her in the United Kingdom from the impoverished nation of The Gambia, through a spousal visa resettlement program, has received the shock of her life, when her Gambian man consistently allegedly lied to her after stealing about half a million dalasi from her, the Freedom RadioTouray 1 Gambia can reveal. The lady, who goes with the first name Fatima, based in Crawley, was on Freedom Radio Gambia’s popular Open Line Friday, show to relate her ordeal.

She met Lamin Karamo Sanneh, 34, a native of Kombo Brikama through Social Media Facebook back in 2010/2011, where the pair developed a love relationship. Fatima, who is recovering from heart broken relationship, said she visited her native home The Gambia in 2012, where she and Lamin Karomo Sanneh tied the knots. The duo got married. She is little older than Mr. Sanneh. Sanneh works at the Gambia Civil Aviation as a junior engineer at the airport’s control tower.
During her honeymoon in The Gambia, Fatima said she furnished Lamin .K. Sanneh’s one bedroom apartment. She bought anti mosquito repellents for both her and Lamin during her trip. She also bought him fancy clothes from the UK, which she handed to her new love partner upon arrival in Banjul.
Fatima is a Nursing Assistant at a Crawley based mental home hospital. She deals with mentally challenged people. She works long hours just to ensure that Mr. Sanneh joins her in Crawley so that the former couple can start a family life. But to her surprise, she said, that she doesn’t know at the material time that she married to a liar. She accuses Sanneh of breaking her heart.

” I thought that I married to the right man; not knowing that Lamin Karamo Sanneh is dishonest. He has consistently lied to me during our marriage. I had to divorce him and move on with my life,” she said.

Touray 2It was during her honeymoon trip to The Gambia, she and her former husband discussed the need to have their own home because Lamin doesn’t have his own house. He stayed with his parents at their Brikama home.

According to Fatima, upon her return to the UK, she worked long hours to raise funds for their Busumbala, Kartong and Siffoe properties. She sent money to Mr. Sanneh to buy three properties for her. The title deed and other papers were in Fatima’s name and not Lamin.
She tasked Lamin to supervise the construction of the Busumbala home, where the couple planned to stay later. Fatima has alleged that Lamin squandered close to half a million dalasi funds she wired to him in regards to her Busumbala home. Lamin could not account for the funds when confronted by Fatima. Fatima said she gave transport allowance to Sanneh to facilitate his smooth commuting to the property.

Fatima said she fired Lamin from her housing project and asked her relatives to help supervise the construction project. She said Lamin allegedly pocketed the monies she has been sending from the UK to him to develop the Busumbala property.

Lamin K Sanneh declined to comment on the story when contacted by Freedom Radio Gambia. ” Sorry… I have no comments,” he then hung up the phone.
When the time came for Lamin K Sanneh to process his visa resettlement package to the UK, Fatima said she sent him D3,500 dalasi to see a doctor for medical exams. She also sent Lamin D10,000 dalasi, when he asked for money to do his work TB test. The first TB test Lamin did never came alright and he said he needed additional money to do the second test. Fatima wired him money without hesitation.

According to Fatima, Lamin ate the money she sent him to process his UK visa resettlement papers. ” He lied to me that he has filed the papers with the British Embassy in Ghana. To my surprise, when I called the British Embassy in Ghana, I was told that there was no such person called Lamin K Sanneh, who had a pending application with them. I even gave them his date of birth, but they couldn’t find him in their system. I confronted Lamin about my findings, and he admitted that he never filed the papers. He told me that he is not interested in travelling to the UK. He said he wants to stay in The Gambia. But he never told me this when we discussed the possibilities of him resettling in the UK,” a distraught Fatima told Freedom radio.

Even though Lamin Sanneh has a job in The Gambia, Fatima said she ensured that she allocated him with a monthly allowances of D5,000 (Five thousand dalasi). She also allocated monthly allowances of D2,000 (Two thousand dalasi) for Lamin’s mom in Brikama.

When Lamin phoned her to inform her that he got suspended from work for allegedly receiving bribery, and demanded D7,000 (Seven thousand dalasi) from her to repay the money, Fatima wasted no time and wired him the requested funds. Sanneh told her that unless he settles the money, he can’t resume work. Sanneh also told her that he was suspended with other airport workers for receiving bribery.

Fatima generously responded to his pleas and settled the alleged money he obtained through bribery. Fatima said she couldn’t confirm whether Sanneh’s claims were truthful or false. She said she loved the guy at some point of her life and has no reason to disbelieve him.

Lamin Sanneh and Fatima have finally divorced. Fatima has persistently asked him to settle her alleged stolen D450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand dalasi). She said she even called Lamin’s boss one Catherine, out of frustration to report the theft case to her. But she said, Catherine told her that the matter was out of her purview and she asked her to report the matter to the law.

Fatima said if she succeeds in recovering the money from her former husband, she will donate the funds to charity organizations. She said she regretted marrying Lamin Sanneh.
” I advise all women out there to be extra careful before falling victim of the likes of Lamin Sanneh. He tried to make my life miserable. I thank God that I am now back to my feet. Lamin is a liar,” she said.

Lamin Karomo Sanneh is a former student of Armitage. One of Lamin’s former classmates said: ” Lamin is one year older than me. We were in the same class at Armitage High School in 2001. His salary is not more than D 7,000 dalasi,” she said. ” I pray to God that Fatima will one day marry to a good man of her wish,” she added.

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