It appears that this year there wouldn’t be any protest organized against The Gambian delegation attending the UN Summit. The struggle is seemingly entangled with an election fever. Or is the struggle all about Jammeh and not his enablers?

Even the APRC supporters are not travelling from upstate this time around to welcome the Gambian delegation. Very few supporters are in New York.  I even teased one of the Jammeh supporters by telling him that they only travel to New York, when Jammeh is around. This exposes their hypocrisy and lack of commitment to the APRC party. Without Jammeh, there is no APRC supporters. The Party revolves around Jammeh. Jammeh is APRC; that what his supporters believed.

The struggle shouldn’t be complacent. With or without Jammeh, any delegation from Banjul representing that rogue regime should be accorded with a fitting welcome. Do not follow the foot steps of the APRC supporters. The struggle is beyond Jammeh. All Jammeh enablers should receive equal treatment like Jammeh. No cherry picking.

Isatou Njie Saidy and her delegation are very comfortable at this hour. They are now convinced that they are not part of The Gambian problem, but Jammeh; when Isatou and co are complicit to the atrocities committed by the Kanilai monster.

For the sake of the late Solo Sandeng, Solo Kurum and the raped UDP female supporters, including the jailed UDP officials, the Jammeh delegation should be named and shamed in the streets of New York. Peaceful protest is acceptable under US laws.

It is not too late for our brother Saihou Mballow and the DUGA folks to organize a protest before the delegation returns to Banjul. Let us not be over carried by the election fever. The elections have already been risked. It is a done deal for Jammeh. Jammeh has stolen the elections ahead of time.

Let inform the UN and world leaders that the Banjul delegation represents tyranny. That the Banjul delegation should use their presence in the US to defect from the failed Jammeh dictatorship. The delegation stands to be accused of legitimizing a criminal despot, if they continue to associate themselves with the Kanilai monster. We rest our case!

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