Dear Sir, 

Please allow me make some clarifications on a letter published on the 23rd with the heading:

Letter Writer Takes Issue With Senegal,

I just read the above captioned letter, and though I disagree with most of the author’s unsubstantiated ‘concerns and observations’ listed, I can’t resist the urge to shed light on his claim  that there exist a ‘Petroleum exploration dispute between Senegal and The Gambia’. I can tell you with authority that there is no ‘Petroleum Exploration dispute’ between Senegal and The Gambia. The author’s assertion is ill-informed and misleading. For information on the situation on the maritime boundaries between The Gambia and Senegal please refer to an agreement called ‘maritime Boundaries: The Gambia/Senegal dated 4 June 1975’. Or see the link:

Furthermore, having participated in a project on the delineation of the outer limits of Continental Shelf, I can tell you that The Gambia and Senegal Maritime boundaries are some of the most unambiguously delimited maritime boundaries in the region. For example, Ghana-Ivory Coast, Nigeria-Benin, Senegal-Bissau, etc, are well-known maritime zones in the region prone to delimitation challenges. In some instances fueled by petroleum discovery.

On the same subject,  I cannot say much about the author’s claim of ‘other issues’,( because he didn’t specify them), between Senegal and Yaya Jammeh, what I can say with certainty, as someone with some knowledge on Petroleum Exploration in The Gambia, is that, there is no ‘Petroleum exploration dispute’ between Senegal and The Gambia. Hence this cannot be an issue between Senegal and Yaya Jammeh.

​Kind Rgds

Concerned Gambian

(Please conceal my identity)​

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