Nature is great! Take a look at this mango tree bearing different fruits. The picture was forwarded by a Gambian on the ground.

Meanwhile, a grand marabout has predicted about the fall of Jammeh’s regime. The marabout, who lives in Basse, said Yahya Jammeh, cannot rule beyond 2016. If Jammeh does, then the remainder of his rule would be characterized by political turmoil.

It’s crucially imperative for Jammeh to reflect on the marabout’s prophesies. His time is up! He needs to stepdown in the interest of peace, and stability.
Yahya Jammeh is a virtual prisoner in The Gambia. He kept on changing convoys, homes, and rooms.

Now that another arm catch has been discovered in Banjul, JK will be freaking out. A large catch of arm has been seized in Banjul. We will get into the story later. Stay tuned….

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