It is now clear that the only cultural group Yahya Jammeh cherished in his sorry life, is the Jolla hegemony cultural group in town, Freedom Radio Gambia can report. The divisive dictator, could have extended similar donations to our Kora star Jaliba Kuyateh, but sadly Jaliba is not a priority to Yahya Jammeh, as far as the consolidation of his Jolla hegemony is concerned. Now, what we are witnessing in Banjul is the naked discrimination of the other cultural groups by the Kanilai jester. Jaliba, and the other cultural groups should open their eyes and recognize that Yahya Jammeh doesn’t care about them at all.

Yahya Jammeh is a tribalist to the core. He can’t no longer hide his tribal prejudice against the other ethnic cultural groups. Let no one be deceived by Jammeh’s empty rhetoric about the so called ethnic diversity in his Jolla dominated regime. His tricks are coming to light now.

The majority of the Jolla cultural group are Casamance natives. They hailed from neighboring Casamance. They are now in charge of Jammeh’s cultural entertainment. The “rappers” running around are not Jammeh’s priority either.

The other day, a senior Jolla Army officer, who doesn’t subscribe to Jammeh’s tribal discrimination told me that he is concerned about Jammeh’s “Jollinization” of GRTS. He said Jolla programs dominate GRTS nowadays. The officer felt that Jammeh is bent on alienating other tribes in the name of empowering his ethnic group.

“As a Jolla, I don’t think Jammeh is treating other ethnic groups fairly. His actions clearly shows that he is obsessed with tribal supremacy. The Mandinkas, the wollofs, and the other tribes are related to us. He wants to make us believe that the other tribes hates us, which is a lie. I am calling on my Jolla colleagues in the army, and other sister forces to ignore Jammeh. He will leave one day, and we should not allow to be used by this opportunist,” he said.

Written By A Staff Writer

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