Under the coalition watch it is alleged someone wasted D10 M to welcome President Barrow back home from Senegal. If that is true, it is very disappointing. The Coalition is planning an inauguration this month that will cost The Gambia millions of Dalasi. That is asinine. We have one of the poorest countries in the world, we have children who are starving, widows who cannot afford to get food or shelter, youths without prospect of employment and a certain bleak future. Our institutions are failing, our system is corrupt and we are wasting money celebrating.

If President Barrow is sincere, if Halifa Sallah is listening, someone need to make a decision to stop this irresponsible, unnecessary and wasteful spending immediately. Those who are suffering don’t care about the inauguration, they want food in their stomach. Can someone please start showing some sane and good judgment.

After all the suffering of 22 years, we need programs to empower the people. We don’t need to party Mr President, we need to work. We need to make good decisions today so our future and that of our children will be secure.

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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