Now that the former Guinean Navy Chief Jose Americo “Bubo” Na Tchuto, has entered a plea deal with the Feds, one can conclude that Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh might end up in US jails one day. Gen. Bubo has volunteered a lot of information. He will one day be used to prosecute Yahya Jammeh.  Jammeh was Bubo’s co partner in crime.

Gen. Bubo was likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment for fueling international narcotic trafficking. But since he has cooperated with the US DA, he was given four years jail term. Chicken fine, right? He has already served over three years behind bar. Bubo is due to be released early next year.

He is qualified to be able to visit The US in the foreseeable future if deported. But a condition has been attached to his future US visits. He is going to be under the Feds’ supervision for five years. Perhaps, during such visits, he will help the US and other allies to charge and bring Jammeh to book.

Dictator Jammeh has been using the Presidency to sell drugs. He hosted Bubo, in The Gambia, under the disguise of using our shores to traffic narcotic. Bubo has handed the US with an intelligence treasure about Jammeh’s nefarious activities in the region.

President Barrack Obama should facilitate the arrest of Jammeh before his term expires next year. Jammeh still micromanages corrupt Bissau Guinean army officers and technocrats. Such a criminal loose goon should not be allowed to expand his tentacles in narco nations like The Gambia and Bissau.

General Bubo has no doubt given information to the FEDS in order to enjoy a plea deal. The onus now lies on the US authorities to go after Bubo’s co partners in crime.

Indicting a sitting Head of State is a difficult one. But it also makes no sense to allow a criminal masquerading in the name of running a sovereign nation for criminal enterprise profiting among other nefarious activities. The US must act now!

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