The United Democratic Party’s diaporium group, should be commended for refusing to allow Madi Jobarteh to direct the affairs of their political party. Madi’s letter to Aji Yam Secka, could be interpreted as a mercenary work calculated to change UDP’s political agenda against the current status quo. Mr. Jobarteh, has no moral authority to tell the UDP leadership not to select a flag bearer in the coming polls. His actions amounts to political blackmailing or coup against the UDP if you like.

As rightly articulated by the UDP overseas branch, Madi, over the years, has chosen to become a lame duck civil society operative. He never uttered a word while in The Gambia, against the status quo, he is today trying to tell us that it is a bad regime. When has Madi realize that Jammeh got to go? He uses his work as an excuse not to engage in partisan politics. Yet, he has the audacity to tell the UDP to rally behind Dr. Touray. Absurd, right?

Madi Jobarteh should just come out clean and tell Gambians, why he has been quiet all these years. Perhaps, he doesn’t want to hurt his fat salary at TANGO, and he decided to pay a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by the dictatorship.

Madi Jobarteh, never had the balls to write a critical piece against Yahya Jammeh and his dictatorship while in Banjul—not to mention speaking openly against the regime. He waited until he was out of the dictator’s reach; at his comfort zone in Europe to criticize the regime. This goes to show that Madi is a coward. He is pandering with the struggle. Perhaps, his anti-Jammeh pieces will secure him a political asylum. Laugh out Loud! Lol.

Madi knows for a fact that Tango is under investigation. The opposition meeting that was held at Tango, prior to the killing of Ebrima Solo Sandeng by Jammeh’s thugs, has prompted the state to invite the TANGO officials for questioning. The opposition paid money TANGO to host their meeting—only for Jammeh to be upset with the conduct of the leadership of his micromanaged TANGO. What can Madi tell us about the NIA invitation of the TANGO officials after the opposition meeting?

I used to have great respect for Mr. Madi Jobarteh, when he newly returned from his studies from Sierra Leone. He used to be a vocal voice during the transition period. But once Madi, found his way to Action Aid The Gambia, and later TANGO, he decided to turn his back against the oppressed Gambians, he is today trying to lecture as to how they should run their respective political parties.

The other day, I read a piece online suggesting that Gambia’s Civil Society Groups have endorsed Dr. Touray. I just laughed my ass off. There is no functional civil society groups in The Gambia. The media propaganda will not work. Be honest!

TANGO, which Madi Jobarteh, used to run was insensitive to the plight of civil society. During Madi’s watch at TANGO, this particular so called nongovernmental organization, has never empowered civil society, but it rather muzzles it. TANGO, has reduced itself as one of the enablers of the Jammeh regime.

To some degree, TANGO, has been complicit to Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship in many ways. For example, TANGO, has woefully failed to live up to its mission statement. It allowed itself to be controlled by the government. As the saying goes, he who feeds you; controls you. TANGO, is being sub-vented (funded) by the Jammeh regime.

As such, TANGO workers, are not at liberty to do their job as prescribed by their mission statement. Madi Jobarteh, is of no exception. Madi, has the discretion to resign all these years, but he chose to work for an organization controlled by the regime.

Finally, we wish Madi Jobarteh, good luck on his western sojourn. He is one of those desperate surrogates, who are busy trying to hijack the supposed void in the opposition to sell us a candidate, who doesn’t believe in conventional way of selecting an opposition merger flag bearer.

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