Halifa Sallah and Sidia Jatta, just as the likes of Lawyer Mariam Jack-Denton, Yaya Galissa-Jallow and Ebou Nyancho Manneh are absolutely right in their political stance and should gradually distance themselves from the Barrow administration.

It is quite clear that the former Jammeh enablers, “karkatarrs” as others rightly called them, have infiltrated the Barrow government, hoodwinked all and will sooner than later be dictating the narrative and running the show, thanks to the naivety, gullibility of other JJCs.

One thing these “karkatars” have in common is that they, all, not only have their eyes fixed on the position of Vice President but, most importantly, they have no cause bigger than their selfish selves.

Serious, well meaning and genuinely patriotic Gambians should distance themselves from this Comedy or rather Tragic-Comedy.

Written By Fabakary Jobarteh

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