Fresh information emerging from the State House indicates that dictator Yahya Jammeh is second guessing on his pending United Nations General Assembly Summit attendance. Mr. Jammeh wants to attend the Summit, but he is not sure if the army will allow him back into the country, if he travels. Sources said Jammeh is seriously reconsidering his New York trip.

DC Embassy insiders have told this medium that Jammeh has expressed his intent to attend the Summit, but the insiders said they are not sure if Jammeh will make it. Insiders said the dictator is very unpredictable and as such they cannot definitively assert that Jammeh will show up at the pending UN Summit.

While African leaders have started arriving in New York. Senegalese President Macky Sall has just arrived in New York.

“I do not think Jammeh will show up at the UN Summit. He is increasingly worried. He doesn’t trust the army,” said an insider at the State House.

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