The collective DAFADOY (Enough is Enough) has vowed to go ahead with a planned demo they intend to hold today to protest against police brutality, corruption, arbitrary arrests and environnemental destruction. The campaigners have made it clear they are pushing ahead with a peaceful protest march scheduled to take place at Westfield junction.

“We are a collective of young Gambian activists united in our quest to tackle aççcommon problem,” #OccupyWestfield leader, Alieu Bah, told reporters during a presser held at TANGO headquarter in Fajara.

Over these past months, activists have been at loggerheads with the authorities over the way foreign corporate bodies are destroying the environment, posing a real threat to people’s livelihoods. Local communities in Gunjur, Sanyang, Kartong, Taneneh and Faraba Banta have stood firm against the disturbing way their environment is being destroyed.

Alieu Bah further stated that their campaign is set to manifest their dissatisfaction and frustration with the government of the day.

He decried the fact the government displayed “a total disregard” to what people have fought for. “The regime of this transitional government is rocked by the occurence of corruption, complete disregard of due process  and institutional failure,” he said.

Bah seized the opportunity to emphasize that the campaign is not solely based on the horrific events in Faraba Banta, but it seeks to address all the grievances of the Gambian people.

He then called on Gambian authorities to drop charges leveled against Gunjur activists who standing trial at Brikama Magistrates Court.

For his part, Gambian rapper Killa Ace said what Gambia’s fought against yesterday should not be applied today.

“We are increasing the victims ‘ toll in the New Gambia,” he deplored.
Jeffrey Badjie, reminded the gathering that the DAFADOY campaign was first launched in Dakar to denounce the Jammeh regime.
The protest will remain peaceful, and they won’t allow anyone to derail DAFADOY plan to excercise a democratic right in peaceful way.
“We are not incitng violence. We are standing for our rights,” he reiterated.
Last but not least, Zainab Rilwan Lowe of the Kololi-based Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations (GCVHRV) expressed her disappointment over the way Gambia gov’t handled the Faraba Banta crisis.
“I believe that it is the responsibility of the state to uphold, protect the fundamental rights of Gambians. We fought for justice and democracy,” she voiced out.
Written by Abdoulie JOHN

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