Early Monday morning speculations about the alleged firing of Gambia’s Interior Minister Ebrima Mballow and Intelligence Chief Ousman Sowe turns out to be false and totally unfounded, according to sources close to the presidency. Mr. Mballow is still Gambia’s Interior Minister, while Ousman Sowe is the DG of the State Intelligence Services, our sources added.

Earlier today, Mballow, met with the president Adama Barrow, prompting speculations that the Minister has been sacked. Mballow  appeared before the National Assembly, shortly after meeting Barrow. He was grilled by MPS.

Both Mballow and DG Sowe are not in the good books of the supporters of the United Democratic Party. The hoax news about their alleged firing was celebrated within the UDP camp–only for them to learn that the information they received was false.

Meanwhile, the UDP supporters are also calling for the firing of the Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang. They have accused Tambajang of persuading Adama Barrow to rescind his decison to fire Mballow and Sowe.

There is infighting in the Barrow government. Folks are struggling for position.

Meanwhile, Mamour Jobe, the acting Inspector General of police has been appointed Inspector General of police. He replaces Landing Kinteh, who resigned from his post last week, amid the killing of three Faraba Banta, environmental activists by the country’s police intervention unit–the (PIU).


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