I was going through Freedom Radio Gambia’s studio archives and I came across an interview my colleague Seedy Ceesay had with Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang during the peak of the struggle to send Jammeh packing through democratic means. Ms. Tambajang talked about the three years transition period envisaged by the opposition post Jammeh rule, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; a Financial Commission to be set up against Jammeh, among other interesting issues of national concern. She also used the interview to reach out to the diaspora to help fund the opposition.

She sounded in the interview as if she was sidelined by the opposition, when the issue of opposition merger was flooded by the diaspora community. She said she and her women ground were never invited at the first meeting of the opposition.  She was also not invited at the opposition IEC inter party meeting, It was through this interview that she was later granted audience by Halifa, Sedia and others. She also said many Gambians mistaken her to be a  UDP supporter, when she is not. She said she took it upon herself to attend UDP functions in the wake of the Fass Njaga Choi debacle; Solo Sandeng’s death, and the arrest of the UDP Executive Members. Stay tuned.

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