He is on his so called vacation again. Sin city Kanilai is the place for fornication, and adultery. Jammeh’s protocol girls have started booking appointments for him for the women he should sleep with. First Lady Zeinab Jammeh, should reactivate her contacts in Kanilai. Jammeh is cheating on you. Jammeh knows for a fact that you do not like to live in Kanilai and as such he is capitalizing on your absence to fool around. Jammeh should bring his ass back to State House in Banjul and spare the prostitutes. His infidelity is becoming out of hand.  

Women from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and locally in The Gambia, have started thronging Kanilai to meet Jammeh for sex. Jammeh is a whore. He doesn’t care about the plight of suffering Gambians. He is only preoccupation is to sleep around at the detriment of poverty stricken Gambians.

Pimp Jimbay Jammeh, Awa Jammeh, and co should know that there are people in Kanilai watching your activities. You are in the business of hooking up Jammeh with Gambian girls for sex.

Jammeh’s own orderlies are not happy with the conduct of the dictator. Women are walking in and out of Jammeh’s room. The dictator has overnight become a sex maniac.

If Jammeh was not the President of The Gambia, no one will waste his time to investigate his extra-marital activities. Jammeh, please concentrate on fixing the economy, and the collapsed infrastructure, and leave our women.

As we file this report, there is a female guest in Kanilai. Jammeh’s guards are reporting that their boss is wasting millions on women for sex. This is sad Gambia. Jammeh’s guards are complaining. The dictator is feeding them with late night afra barbecue, while their families are home starving. Jammeh hardly give them money. He only feeds them and occasionally keep them wasted (drunk).

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