The newly hired Gambian Interior Minister Momodou Alieu Bah, who has a past felony conviction record on his rap sheet belt was among the former employees of the defunct Continent Bank, who contributed to the liquidation of the bank, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Bah, used to be an account’s clerk at the Continent Bank. He was heavily indebted to the bank. The bank was later declared insolvent by the Central Bank of The Gambia; hence it was closed by the Jammeh regime.

While working at the bank, MA Bah took a loan, and bought a yellow Renault 5. He also used part of the loan given to him by the bank to fool around with girls.

Following the closure of the Bank, Mr. Bah enlisted into The Gambia Armed Forces as a Cadet Officer. He never paid the loan he took from the Bank. Mr. Bah, including other bank officials, were under investigations at the time of the liquidation of the bank.

Mr. Bah, who goes with the street name “Barru” was later commissioned as an officer. A former neighbor of MA Bah, in Lamin said Bah came from a very poor family. “He is complicit in the destruction of the bank. He has no brother in the US, contrary to his claim that his brother gave him money to build two storey buildings in Lamin,” said our source.

Mr. Bah, was among the officers accused of embezzling GAF Credit Union Funds. He was the head of the GAF Finance Department at the time of his appointment as Interior Minister.

In another development, it has been brought to our attention that the wife of the opposition GDC leader Mama Kandeh, is a neighbor of MA Bah. Sources said MA Bah’s home is about three minutes away from the home of Kandeh’s wife. Mr. Kandeh should be extra vigilant. Jammeh is capable of using MA Bah to harm the GDC leader.

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