Another Yahya Jammeh, enabler, has absconded. Lamin Sanyang, the Managing Director of The Gambia Ports Authority, has fled the country. He travelled to Holland, with his last son, sources said.

Mr. Sanyang, was instrumental in helping Yahya Jammeh to steal millions from the ports. Sanyang, was Jammeh’s main conduit at the GPA. He was recommended for promotion by General Saul Badjie, following the removal of ML Gibba.

The Barrow government should facilitate the extradition of Lamin Sanyang. We are not sure if there is any extradition treaty between The Gambia and Holland. But Sanyang, should be brought back to Banjul to face justice. This guy cannot go scot free. He has contributed towards the demise of our ports.

It was during his time that the Taiwanese government issued a cheaque (check) of million dollars to replace our ferries. Former SG Njogu Bah, is privy to the said theft at the GPA.  Jammeh was aided by the likes of ML Gibba, and Lamin Sanyang to steal the Taiwanese funds.

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