Each person call five people, talk to five people, beginning yesterday!
My friends, the current bad state of affairs in Gambia, under Dictator Yaya Jammeh does not discriminate – whether you are in denial or see things for what they are. We are all victims -some more so than others – of twenty years of incompetence and buffoonery bordering on criminality. Today, the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. The evidence is all around you;oj_gambia_omar_jallow(9) Look no further…

If you live in Diaspora, you are sending more and more of your hard-earned money to your families each month, just for them to maintain their dignity. Conservative estimates indicate that collectively, the Diaspora remittances constitute more than 25% of Gambia’s GDP! And that number only reports remittances through MoneyGram and Western Union, not to mention the informal money transfer outlets, or methods… How about physical cash that visitors directly inject into family economies, gifts, fees etc. Therefore, we have power and influence, but also a burden on our own ability to accumulate wealth, save, or transfer wealth. Poverty is deepening despite all of that transfer of wealth, because our people have become unsustainably dependent on us for their basic human needs. In essence, people have become “food” poor, because they can no longer afford the minimum calorie intake to be productive citizens.

You also find out that even those who are supposed to be full time workers are also increasingly putting pressure on you to help them get through the month. Your brothers and sisters back home are also unable to find legitimate work, some in their thirties. These people are also delaying marrying and starting their own families. This decision will have a long term negative demographic impact on our family based social security system, just wait. The “Backway” phenomenon is a topic for another day, but the grim death rate can no longer be ignored.

If you live in Gambia, just be honest to yourself. Are you happy with the way things are going, all around you? Are you satisfied with the cost of living – food cost, electricity, water, transportation, hospital services, education, taxes respect for your freedoms? Does this ÀFPRC junta represent your values; does it represent you? Are you employed currently? Does your current work provide enough for your family to live off with dignity? Do you see hope and confidence in the faces of your family and friends? Do you know anyone who is illegally detained, or gone missing, by Yaya Jammeh? Does Dictator Jammeh pay for your family’s bills, expenses? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or No to the last one, then you need to empower yourself to do something about it.

We have a long way to go before elections, including difficult coalition negotiations, electoral reforms and campaigning. Elections are just one way we can fight and peacefully remove twenty years of Jammeh tyranny and decline.

The PPP is putting out a new challenge for Each Person to Reach out to Five People, call them, beginning with your own family, to make them start to believe in themselves, and their destiny. Reach out to them; urge them with urgency to use their vote in 2016 as their ticket to freedom, stability, and sanity, progress and prosperity. Your job is to reach to five people, canvas for their votes. Each of them in turn can reach out to five people. Think of the multiplier effect of that, if, – instead of talking about it, asking others to do something – start with our own family parents, and friends! So, let’s go to work – Each One Reach Five.

Please share on Facebook, and cascade to family and friends, we can do this – Each One Reach Five. . Please donate to the PPP, and invest in your own salvation. Good luck and thank you.

By: PPP Media

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