GRA’s Alhagie Denton allgedly removes his UK wife’s name from their Brusubi multimillion dalasi home; Denton and land officials allegedly falsified title deed without the wife’s expressed permission; Denton’s wife was told that she would be arrested by the NIA if she visits the Gambia to fight for her stolen property; as she has been allegedly linked to the Aisha Njie rape story on freedom radio.

It is only in The Gambia that the title deed of a house jointly owned by married couple can be transferred in the husband’s name without the wife’s expressed consent. Well it happens in Banjul. The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) Financial Director Alhagie Denton went to the Land’s office in Banjul and allegedly worked out a deal with the officials there to expunge his wife’s name from their Brusubi multimillion dalasi home, that the pair had bought some years ago, while studying,
hustling and raising a family in the United Kingdom, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. When the news of the alleged illegal house ownership transfer deal reaches his wife Fatou Jallow Dalton, the 55 year old Alhagie Denton told her that he (Denton) thought that he being the head of the household was Fatou’s parent and therefore he has the powers to do whatever he wants with the property. Interesting, right? Denton’s quiet and reserved wife briefly protested against the husband’s decision to take her name from the D 5 Million property. Denton assured her that everything would be alright and he would never let her down. The couple then move on with their life.
Mr. Denton and Mrs. Denton owned four other properties in The Gambia. Out of the four properties the pair bought, one has been fully developed. The couple raised money while in the UK to buy the properties.

During an NIA inventory of his properties shortly after his appointment at the GRA as Finance Director, Denton told the NIA that he only owns one home, which is situated at Brusubi. This was the property in question that he allegedly falsified its title deed ownership–with the help of some dishonest Gambian land officials.
Both Denton and the wife returned home, leaving their kids behind in the UK. Denton picked up a job at the Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia, while his wife secured a voluntary job at the Social Welfare Department, through a local NGO based in The Gambia.
Their stay in The Gambia was not drama free. It was marred by constant arguments, as Denton allegedly cheated on his wife. The wife got harassed by girls in the streets.
It reached a point that Denton asked his wife to return to the UK and help his kids; some of whom are going to college. Many thought that this was a premeditated move on the side of Denton to keep his wife out of the loop, while she was away.
At first, Madam Denton was bit reluctant to return to the UK, but following a protest made by Denton to her parents; she has no other alternative, but to heed to her parents advise.

Mrs. Denton is the step daughter of Governor Omar Khan. Her late mom was Omar Kahn’s wife. She is related to Alpha Khan of Brikama, and Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy.
Meanwhile, her parents have sidelined her for fear of upsetting the “powerful” Alhagie Denton, who is in Jammeh’s good books today. Omar Kahn has stopped communicating with his daughter since the pair started having problems in their marriage.

Fatou is a loner in this trying times. The people she thought would be there for her during her soured marital debacle are nowhere to be seen, with the exception of few.
In fact, Denton married his personal secretary at the GRA few months ago, even though he is legally married to Mrs. Denton. Denton informed Alpha Kahn Fatou’s Dad at the last minute that he was getting married. Alpha informed his brother Omar Kahn and the rest of the family about Denton’s move to marry a second wife. He rang the wife after he tied the knots with his personal secretary to inform her that he has married a second wife.

The couple are British citizens. The question of ” Bigamy” comes to mind. But Denton seems to be comfortable in The Gambia now. He has a high paying job and a new wife, who is barely less than twenty six years of age. His chances of returning to the UK in the short term is next to nil.

Freedom Radio Gambia investigations have revealed that the couple are planning to divorce. Mrs. Denton fears going back to The Gambia to fight in the courts for her alleged stolen property by the husband. Her younger brother was summoned by Denton into his office sometime ago and he told him that her sister ( Denton’s wife) got to be careful because the NIA have opened a case file for her. That she risked being arrested if she steps her foot in The Gambia.

Denton was allegedly quoted as saying that Fatou was active in The Gambian struggle and The Gambian authorities were aware of her activities. He even claimed that the lady who spoke on Freedom Radio, claiming to be a Social Worker at the Social Welfare, in the wake of the Aisha Njie alleged rape story was his wife.

Many thought that this was an apparent blackmail because Madam Denton never spoke on Freedom radio. A Gambian close to Alhagie Denton based in Atlanta, Georgia, phoned the Freedom Newspaper shortly after the story was aired, and he said he recognized the lady, who was talking to Seedy Ceesay. He alleged that he suspects Fatou Denton was the one talking, but we emphatically dismissed his claims. We never entertained the conversation because we are obliged to protect our sources.

Just last week, Alhagie Denton fired Fatou’s watchman, who was hired to watch the property. He has moved to another property. The Brusubi property remains vacant.
The GRA is paying Mr. Denton housing allowance. He is also receiving Family Health Care allowance, even though sources alleged that he has not been very supportive to his family back in the UK. His wife singlehandedly raised the kids for the past seven years.

The couple have been married for over 26 years. They have been blessed with three kids.
Both Mr. Denton and Mrs. Denton could not be reached for comment.

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