My body was inching all day yesterday! Not because someone rubbed some bala ngarnyaa on me, but because I could not wait to get home, take a shower, have dinner, throw some popcorn in the microwave, kick my feet up, and peacefully watch the Amasa Episode uninterrupted. There is a lot of down time in most of these commission episodes in which you only hear nothing but the sound of papers being leafed through, footsteps going back and forth, and an occasional cough or sneeze; so it only made sense for me to watch it after I retired for the night.

When I hear the name Amadou Samba, two things comes to mind: “elephant in the room” and “the untouchable”. So it was refreshing to see Mrs. Bensuda riding the “elephant in the room’ like a donkey, and that the untouchable has been finally roped and tied down to the “hot seat” and was sweating profusely. He pulls out a musuwarr, wipes down his ndel fondong, then his face and neck; in an effort to contain the sweat and prevent it from dropping to the ground and gather into a puddle. Amadou’s discomfort was obvious too, he kept shifting on the hot seat as if he was seated on needles. Hot seat bu am aye purrsa!

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guaranty Trust Bank, Amadou was sitting in board meetings in which decisions were being made to use Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation as guarantor to loans for kanilia Group to purchase (GamVent?), a company in which he was a 50 percent shareholder. He was also a GamVent board member and the managing director. Smh. But Amadou knows nothing because he was kept in the dark. Wow, Gambia nice. Talk about a conflict of interest in the weirdest of ways and circumstances.

Then Amadou enters into a lease with the GPA to rent a portion of their property, but he never paid because he claimed GPA never notified him that the rent was due. Belie Gambia sweet! How can a trained lawyer and a career businessman, not know anything about the financial transactions and financial obligations of his companies? Oh, I know! Because Goloh pulled a nyampingkang on him and brought the soldiers to take over? Boo hoo! And now because of that, Amadou knows nothing and was never involved in anything, anything anything! Guess what? In the business world that Amadou lives in, there are no formal agreements, only a handshake will do, and that’s how he became a partner holding 45 percent shares in Euro Africa Group with Bandi Bazzi. Ironically, it is in that same business world the formal documents Amadou produced for GamVent and Amasa to the commission came from. How odd!

Upon further research, I found out that Amasa had other subsidiary companies…namely, Amata, Orgosa, Abasa, Akasa, and Kamasa (the most obvious). Smh

Written By Momodou Ndow

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