Good morning Nderry. Happy New year. Nderry, it’s going to be very unfair if the Gambian detainees in the U.K. or Europe start blaming the Gambia immigration department. The immigration Department take orders from the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign affairs when it comes to things like deportation. If they finalized the deportation process, the Gambia immigration department have no other choice but to go out and do its job. This is government to government. The Gambia immigration department can’t do anything about it.

Nderry, most of these people who are about to be deported are drug dealers in the western world. It was their choice to involve in crime. Blaming Omar Fofana is very cheap. They chose to sell drugs or involve in crimes.

Nderry, as long as we are getting aid from the western world, they will always control the Gambia government.

Most of these people under immigration detention or waiting to be deported have been charged and locked up in the U.K. prisons; after their prisons time they passed them to the UK immigration detention center for deportation. So, if the UK government request for them to be deported; what can the Gambia immigration department do about it? Remember, they are Gambians we have to take them back.

Written By A Gambian Immigration Officer

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