Amadou Samba is likely to negotiate his way out of the Janneh Commission. Word in the streets has it that the businessman has the option of having the Commission to assess and bill him to settle whatever amount of money that the Commission thinks he might allegedly owed to the state. Samba has not accepted any wrongdoing since his appearance before the Commission. But the table is likely going to flip soon.

A similar payment plan was accorded to Pa Cham, in 1994, when JK took them to the Commissions. Pa Cham is the former Managing Director of the Gambia ports authority. He was assessed to pay couple of millions of dalasi after waiving his appearance before the Algali Commission.

The Janneh Commission is also looking at the prospects of according such opportunities to Amadou Samba. As reported by the drive by media Standard Newspaper, a team of financial forensic experts from a US firm have been contracted to help the Janneh Commission to assess folks called before the Janneh Commission.

Amadou Samba is in the good books of Adou Boy Barrow, Madam Tambajang, and Macky Sall of Senegal. He has invested heavily in Senegal. There are bigger forces pulling the strings from afar.  The sudden disruption of his testimony last week pending further appearance speaks volume.

Samba has been scheduled to appear before the Commission on November 13th, but sources have it that a big surprise awaits those interested in seeing Samba to go down. The outcome of Samba’s matter will shock many! Watch this space for further updates.

Samba’s legal petition before the commission to unfreeze his frozen assets was dismissed by the Commission. His co witnesses Bazzi, and Fadi have sued the Commission for allegedly illegally freezing their assets. The duo refused to seek redress before the Janneh Commission. They instead took the matter to the Appeal Court, where they demanded the said Janneh Commission ruling be declared unconstitutional.

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