Former APRC Minister of Youth and Sports Alieu K Jammeh exposed

12 November, 2017

The reason for GFF not willing to respect  the decisions of NSC is because if Alieu K Jammeh, and his cabal. Today Kaba, Babucarr Camara, sulayman Joof and co all had lunch with him at his residence and all attended the super cup final today.

You need to make this known that Alieu has a stake or interest at the goal project the NTTC for taking lot of money and does not want this investigation to go ahead as his name will be revealed.

Another point to ask is : could Alieu K Jammeh explained to the Gambian youths why he changed the documents of UNDP funded project called Shanghai at Chamen to his father’s name thereby denying Gambian youths D1.6 million dalasis with held by UNDP before of ownership issue.

Again could he tell the Gambian youths why he has still not paid the 1 million dalasis he took from ministry of youth and sports when he was minister and still not paid.

This is the reason he put up himself as consultant for GFF and asking them to refused anything from sports  council so that his past wrong  deeds would not be exposed.

Bakary K Jammeh a member of Gambia Football Federation Executive and the elder brother of the former youths and sports Minister was in London last weekend global  tourist event with the former national sport council chairman George Gomez. Bakary K Jammeh and friends choose Alieu K Jammeh as the new consultant to believe to undermine to the allegations against them which may result their names be compromise.

By Concerned Stakeholder.

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