Kololi is now becoming a dangerous place to live. Armed robbers on Friday robbed a western union shop operative. The lady is between death and alive. This is the second incident in a month, in which women have been targeted for such attacks in the Kololi area. One of the ladies was killed in her braiding salon.

There is no word as to lady’s medical condition, the last time we checked. Doctors at the Sukuta hospital attended her.

The surging crime rate is indeed worrisome. Something concrete needs to be done to arrest the situation.

Also worrying is the lack of resolution to get the teachers back to work. Students have joined the striking teachers. This could escalate into a nationwide showdown if not handle with care.

The Ministry of Education should engage the teachers in the spirit of dialogue than threatening them. Lack of effective communication on the side of the Education Ministry, could be blamed for the current teachers strike debacle.

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